"...outstanding young ensemble. The bustling Scherzo sparkled with life, the Theme and Variations were played with appropriate delicacy or verve, and the mock drama of the opening of the Finale provided a wonderfully dark counterpoint to the effervescence of the ensuing Allegro. The players brought out the instrumental detail of the work with great skill and obvious enjoyment, their authentic and stylish performance much appreciated."

C.M., Cumberland & Westmorland Herald

"This was an extremely taxing programme, not only in the difficulty of the works but also in their sheer length, but it can truly be said that the performance was a triumph...The rapport among the performers ensured the finest gradations of dynamics and there was sonorous tone from each of them...a fine performance from accomplished and dedicated musicians."

David Lucas, Basingstoke Gazette

"In the category of music I know and love they brought out Beethoven's septet, a work which has been popular since Ludwig wrote it in 1800. The group relished the opening movement's syncopations, and plainly enjoyed each other's company. In the category of great sounds I've never heard before came Howard Ferguson's Octet. It's in that vein of nostalgic romantic rhapsody mined so well by people like Finzi, Delius and Vaughan Williams, but with quite a lot of backbone. Plainly they believe in it, and I was entranced...I will be hearing it again."

Chris Ramsden, www.notesfrommiddleengland.blogspot.co.uk 

"I was deeply impressed with Liquid Architecture when I worked with them on my piece 'This Silence' at the Southbank Centre. They played with such passion and commitment and it was one of the best performances it has had."

Mark-Anthony Turnage 

"For me your concert was the one I most enjoyed of the whole season."

Maryan Nussey, Grantham Music Club 

"...Liquid Architecture soon won the hearts of an enthusiastic audience in Helensburgh. Not only did the programme show off their many talents in exciting and polished music-making, but their charm and evident pleasure in performing together was readily communicated to the audience. "

David Menzies, Helensburgh Music Society 

"Everyone was bowled over by your performance. As an ensemble you seem to have, in addition to individual virtuosity, a remarkable mixture of polished precision and exuberant spontaneity - terrific!"

Paul Reid (Chairman, Schubert Institute U.K.)